Queen afbeelding

Welcome to QueenRecordings.com!

This website is all about my own collection of Queen live recordings. You will not find official releases here. Nothing here is for sale, it is illegal to sell unofficial material.
It is for information purposes only for Queen fans who want to know which songs were played in particular shows and to get a short impression about how each recording sounds.

I'm a Queen fan from The Netherlands and I collect Queen live recordings since the year of 2000. Most of the recordings are from audience sources, and some are from radio/TV broadcasts or leaked soundboard recordings. I really enjoy collecting these kind of recordings as it gives you a much bigger view about their performance on stage. Such as surprises in the setlist, improvisations, mistakes during concerts, the fun, but most of all their fantastic live ability. Every recording is a different experience. I'm simply proud to be a Queen fan when I hear them playing live.

Remember that most of these concerts have been recorded using amateur equipment and are not the same sound quality as the official releases.

Feel free to contact me if you want to ask any questions.



19.07.2021 - Audio List - San Diego 05.07.1980 added

10.07.2021 - Audio List - New York 07.02.1976 added

25.06.2021 - Video List - Copenhagen 12.05.1977 added

11.06.2021 - Audio List - Mannheim 21.06.1986 source 2 added

04.06.2021 - Audio List - Tokyo 24.04.1979 source 5 added

04.06.2021 - Audio List - Tokyo 24.04.1979 source 2 added

15.05.2021 - Video List - Newcastle 04.12.1979 added